General Report on the Performance, Activities and Development made in
Goa Group Vocational Training CentreĀ 

1. This Group Centre was established in the year 1974 under the Mines Vocational Training Rules 1966, to cater to the need of the mining industry in Goa.2. This Centre is functioning from its own premises at Supriya Apartment, Haveli Curti, Ronda (Goa), since 1999.

3. This Centre is now catering to the need of the mining industry situated outside Goa, and under the jurisdiction of directorate of Mines safety, Goa Region, Margao and they are registered under the category “Associate Members”.

4. 56 nos of members mines renewed their membership for calendar year 2012. Some of the mines are either closed/ abandoned or are amalgamated together under one name due to their common boundaries, see annexure A.

5. A total of 2537 persons were trained during the yearkunder review as under, see annexure B:

Refresher Courses 42 Courses 1273 attended
Initial (Basics) Courses 14 Courses 1117 attended
Special Courses 03 Courses 147 attended

and about 735 candidates are trained till June 2012. target for 2012 is about 3000 candidates.

6. The permission to the Centre is renewed by the Director of mines safety, Goa Region, for the calendar year 2012.

7. The member mines renewed their permission to join this Centre for the calendar year 2012 from Director of Mines Safety, Goa Region, Margao.

8. The Centre made its Premises available for conduction the examination for Medical and Trade Test under the supervision of the Directorate of Mines, Safety, Goa region, Margao.

9. The Centre is maintaining adequate staff, premises and facilities such as Training equipment/ aids, models chart, book library, posters, LCD projector, LCD TV, & DVD Player to cater for the requirement for the mining industry. The requirements for the effective training, the above facilities are up dated periodically. We have purchased Simulator for drivers training & now inauguration of second simulator is done by Director of Mine safety, Margao. We are using this for assessing of truck drivers.

10. In February 2010, first Driving Simulator was installed & Commissioned and is in use in the Centre which is working successfully and about 1136 drivers are trained and tested for their efficiency. The Second Driving Simulator is also installed & commissioned and will be inaugurated today i.e. 8th April 2011 by Shri. Megharaj, Director of Mines Safety Margao. This new Driving Simulator provides the benefit of training & testing drivers on potentially risky on the road scenarios. Besides highway & hills, city and mines scenario are introduced with difficult climatic conditions like foggy, rainy condition like day and night are also included. Training on simulator enables the operator to become familiar with machine controls and instrumentation in safe environment without risk of injury or machine damage. The ability to practice realistic emergency situation that are difficult expensive and impossible to create in real life training is unmatched &. can be the deciding factor in a dangerous situation. Technosim driving Simulator is fully functional pre- configured simulator that contain all necessary hardware and software modules, visual system, visual database and a fully functional driving cockpit with instrumentation to provide a real life driving environment. The simulator provides a fully immersive environment comprising truck cabin with large visual font screen covering 180 degree field of view as to main hardware elements. This high level of reality performance is necessary for training drivers in high risk situations and in situation that are impossible to train on in normal traffic.

11. Well furnished accommodation which consists of training manager/ officer’s cabin lecture/ classroom , training gallery, conference & discussion hall , library , model rooms, store, instructor’s cabin, office hall canteen, varanandah. Guest room, demonstration and parking ground.

12. Shri Jayant Mayee, First Class manager’s Certificate holder and well experienced in mining activities is the Training Officer of the Centre.

13. The Director of Mines Safety/ Deputy Director of Mines Safety, Goa Region, Margao, visited this Centre on different occasion and the Centre received valuable guidance and co-operation from their office for the smooth running of the activities of the Centre.

14. Officers and staff of the establishment are manned by qualified and well experienced training manager/ officer, instructor / trainers for each discipline, scientific assistants & general staffs.

15. The establishment is well equipped with various models, film strip, overhead projector, job charts, posters samples, C.D. & DVD Players, LCD projector, LCD television sets, modern computer with accessories, Simulator, Aft-conditioned for each class rooms, conference room & simulator rooms, mechanical &. electrical appliances, hand tools, Working Models from Modtech, Bangalore for truck & its components, geological samples of various ores &. so on so forth.

16. 20 KVA Generator set is installed and commissioned for smooth running of Centre despite of electricity fluctuation. ISO implementation was completed in 2010 and now we are ISO 9001- 2008 certified from ACS registrars, New Delhi. Donation of 2.70 lakhs is received from Smt. Shashikala Kakocikar, Director of M/s D. B. Bandodkar &. Sons Pvt. Ltd for renovating third floor of the Centre in which a spacious hall named after Late Dayanand Bandodkar, a well equipped classroom and a conference is build. We have also received donation of Rs. 6,00,540/- from Shri. Nanabab Bandekar Chairman &. M.D. of M/s Rajaram Bandekar (Sirigao) Pvt. Ltd. for civil work and furniture for the third floor of the Centre.

17. We have proposed to conduct courses for Frontline Supervisor as per the demand of mines. And this year we are going to conduct Orientation Course for Workmen’s Inspector.

18. The establishment is duly authorized by Director of Mines Safety,. Margao Goa and the existing services of the centre are very well availed by large number of mining workmen regularly.

19. The GGNITC is stepping ahead beyond the statutory training programme with full co-operation of mining stake holder

20. The new excavator, wheel loader and dozzer simulator has been commissioned. Excavator simulator is ready and wheel loader and dozzer attachments will be commissioned by August 2012 & September 2012.